Sunday, September 16, 2012

Game Review - Blacklight: Retribution (PC)

I've been high-and-dry for a while now, which seems to be a bad habit that is in dire need of being broken, but I digress.
I have here another game that I've played a good amount of lately that most of you should know and probably play, drumroll one?
Okay then, onto the game.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Game Review - Just Cause 2

Well, I'm way overdue for another game review, so I am here, to save the day!

This game I got 2 days ago, so I'm not gonna be able to give the best review on it.

So, Just Cause 2 is a great game so far, I like open world games, and this is one of the best open worlders I've played yet.  You can do missions, take down bases and communication towers, or just roam around and discover some of the easter eggs (island from "Lost" anybody?).

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Game Review - APB Reloaded

Here's my next game review, I hope you've been waiting ;D
The game is APB Reloaded, which is a reboot of an older version called just plain ABP: All Points Bulletin.  They had to shut the original down, I believe because it was too unpopular and they couldn't pull in enough cash for it.
ANYWAYS, onto the review.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

And we have a winner....

Alright, so today I rallied up the contest entries for RaiderZ (wasn't planning on it going on for a long time, so I ended it fairly quickly) and we now get to see who won the code.
The winner is....Coffee!
Congratulations to you my fellow sire, and I will hit you up in an E-Mail with the beta key.

Have a nice day to you all!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Game review - Wanderlust: Rebirth

A boss fight
Alright, so since this is a gaming blog, here is my first game review for you guys.

This is a game called Wanderlust: Rebirth, it's an indie game made by only 3 people. In the story mode, you are sent to the Westhaven arena to prove your worth as the hero of old legend.  But not all is as seems.  You are then sent out to save all of mankind from an untimely demise.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Here's a giveaway to start things up - RaiderZ Beta Key (Closed)

Well, as I said, I will be posting a game review tomorrow, but I signed up for RaiderZ beta and got accepted, they also gave me 2 extra keys for friends and the such, so I decided to do a giveaway type thing all that jazz.

So here's how it works, you can get a total of 3 entries for this and the winner will be chosen at random.
If you follow the blog you'll get one entry, a comment will earn you a second, and to cap it off at the max of three, you need to follow my twitter, which will be linked at the end of this post.
Now, I don't know how many people will actually wanna enter this as it's just a beta key but I'll see what kind of mileage I can get out of this.

Good luck to whoever may find this obscure blog post...


Who I am

I'm new to blogging, so at first I won't be too great.
I will post occasionally whenever I feel like i should say something about a game, like if I were to get a new game and then write a review or some such about it, sometime today or tomorrow will be my first actual post of a game, so there's that to look forward to.

Hope I see you guys back here!