Sunday, September 16, 2012

Game Review - Blacklight: Retribution (PC)

I've been high-and-dry for a while now, which seems to be a bad habit that is in dire need of being broken, but I digress.
I have here another game that I've played a good amount of lately that most of you should know and probably play, drumroll one?
Okay then, onto the game.

This time we're heading into the direction of *gasp* could it be?
Yep, another free-to-play, because I am JUST that cheap.
In Blacklight Retribution, you're pitted against opposing teams in various offense game modes and styles, with a nice variety of maps to add to the spice, just a normal shooter it'd seem, but the comparisons stop there...well and there's guns of course.
One of the most unique and interesting concepts implemented in this game is the fact that you can make your gun from the ground up.
You can customize everything from the barrel to the butt of your stock.
You can have a muzzle made for extreme firepower but only in CQC, with a matching 3 inch barrel and a light stock to boot. You can also go on the more defensive side of things and get a bolt-action receiver, the longest barrel in the works, and a frilled muzzle to help with the power.

HRV in use, white is dead, blue is friendly, and orange is enemy

One of the neat features in this is the CP system used in matches. Each kill, assist, objective capture, special kill, or even just making fun of the person you shot in the head by clapping at their failure, will result in varied amounts of CP. Now this stuff will only last for that match, and will not transfer over in any way, shape, or form, so don't be shy and grab a hardsuit to tear them down and light 'em up. You can also use the built in HRV sight so that you can see whoever's behind that corner you want to walk towards. This means no camping goodness, you'll just have to hit CoD up for that one!

And finally, seeing as this is a f2p shooter, there are the purchases to talk about. You can use the in-game GP currency to get some items temporarily, or even permanent, although that will cost quite a pretty penny with the free stuff. They have the ZEN currency setup for people who feel like using real money, it'll take a lot less of that to get perms, and you can alos get a lot of items that you can't get without it, like camos, weapon boxes, or even just tags for your gun. Now, as of right now, a whole ton of places will give away free gear with codes promoting the game, a few even give out permanent guns, although those codes are most likely gone by now. The main website I've gone to for the codes is Raptr, which, if you haven't tried this site out yet, is a very neat site for gaming in general. There are a lot of rewards you can get for just playng games, which is nice, but you can also track the amount of time you've played a certain game and even if you have the least amount of life in the world by getting top time.

There's another review finally, next one should be up in 5 weeks at the rate I'm going, but I'll see when I finish the game I'm on ;D
Have a nice day to all of you, and don't stray into my mediocre-ness.


  1. Nice write up. I still haven't played this (then again, you've been camped out on my PC a whole lot more than me over the last week or two). Glad you're liking it though. I remember when we downloaded the demo of the first Blacklight game for the PSN and you didn't come away particularly impressed. Was it just that you didn't want to drop the $15 on i back then, or is this sequel just really that much better than the original?

  2. this is a good free to play shooter I've been playing this game for a while love those kind of visors on where you can see your enemies on where they are ... it's a good FPS Game Arcade and I agree it's a good write up ...