Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Game Review - APB Reloaded

Here's my next game review, I hope you've been waiting ;D
The game is APB Reloaded, which is a reboot of an older version called just plain ABP: All Points Bulletin.  They had to shut the original down, I believe because it was too unpopular and they couldn't pull in enough cash for it.
ANYWAYS, onto the review.

The first thing you'll need to know about this game is that there are two different factions, the criminals, and the squar- I mean enforcers.  One thing is that you can make 2 total characters unless you are to buy the premium account.  With the criminal, you need to commit crimes to gain your money, so that you can get better equipment, and thus commit more crimes.  When you're enforcer, you need to do missions or witness the criminals and then kill or arrest them.

As a criminal you have a variety of ways to commit crimes.  You can steal cars and then sell them to the chop shop, mug people for their possessions, or even drive a car into the front of a store and steal a safe they somehow managed to fit in a space where you can see the items and there is no safe there. You can also kill civilians if that's your thing, although you get no money for doing so. Once you build up a nice amount of cash in your stash and a 1.5x multiplier if you so choose, you can go down to the money laundry and get a buttload of cash.

You can do missions that range from simple tasks like tagging up a few walls to mark your terf, all the way to stealing organs and killing enforcers on your way to the drop-off. If I were to compare this game to anything, no doubt it'd be GTA, but I do prefer this over it, so there's that.

I have just been beating up on this game in the past 5 days I've played it, already 50 hours in, and only 4 hours on my enforcer ;D

So, I do recommend you get this game, and if you do, I'll see YOU as I take your vehicle full of your loot.

My Enforcer: Chaltire
My Criminal: Chilarto


  1. LOL - the 'squares' huh? When I saw you playing, it looked like you were definitely favoring the criminals. The concept seems like it should be a popular one - it almost sounds like GTA mmo.

  2. 50 hours in 5 days? Ye Gods, I miss having that kind of time to game! Great review again, keep it up!

  3. ROFL. For my daughter it's television shows. For my son? It's video games. I woke up for work this morning around 6, and they were both up. I was like: just getting up, or haven't slept yet?

    Both came back with: Didn't sleep yet.

    Told 'em to enjoy it while it lasts - school's kicking into gear in about 2 1/2 more weeks. :P

  4. "I have just been beating up on this game in the past 5 days I've played it, already 50 hours in, and only 4 hours on my enforcer ;D"

    Haha, I kept seeing you logging in via Steam and thought, "Wow, he sure is playing that APB game a lot!" now all is revealed!
    I just checked out the trailer for it, and was very impressed by the apparent quality of it, and even more by the fact that it is "Free-to-Play".