Thursday, August 9, 2012

Game review - Wanderlust: Rebirth

A boss fight
Alright, so since this is a gaming blog, here is my first game review for you guys.

This is a game called Wanderlust: Rebirth, it's an indie game made by only 3 people. In the story mode, you are sent to the Westhaven arena to prove your worth as the hero of old legend.  But not all is as seems.  You are then sent out to save all of mankind from an untimely demise.

You can do 4 player co-op online for either the storyline or the crawl mode.  Crawl mode consists of fighting waves of enemies with bosses on most (or all possibly) waves.  You can choose from four different classes of either gender. The classes are Cleric, Warrior, Alchemist, and Sorcerer.
Now, I have only played 2 of the classes so far so I failed there, but the classes all play a bit differently, or majorly in at least the sorcerer's case.  I have played warrior as well as the sorcerer and with the warrior, you use the WASD keys to move and arrow keys to attack.  But the sorcerer completely changes except the moving.  You still move with the WASD setup but to attack you use left-click and right-click, and to change spells you connect runes in specific ways.  To aim your attacks you just point the mouse wherever you want to shoot your fireballs, summon spikes of stone out of the earh to penetrate their defenses, or you can choose to rain hell from above with meteors raining down on your opponents.
Spell creator

This game does have some very difficult spots, at some points there are challenges that are optional to completing the story but if you do end up finishing them then you will have a better reward at the end.

The game costs $10 and you can get it from their site:, or on steam.  If you don't feel like you'll like it but you wanna try it to be sure, there is a demo on the game's site you can try out.

I actually got the code from a giveaway on a livestream a while back.  The streamer is friends with the maker of the game and got 5 codes from him, and gave them out to us.
So I got lucky and actually got one because that's just how I roll.

If you are a fan of RPG action games, then this is a must-have.
Pick it up if you have the extra cash ;D


  1. Good start, kiddo. Glad you have been liking it so much so far. I will admit: I hadn't even heard of this until he got a copy. I was hearing all about it in email and it does look pretty solid so far.

  2. "'s an indie game made by only 3 people."
    That type of stuff always impresses me, especially when I read...

    "You can do 4 player co-op online for either the storyline or the crawl mode."

    I mean, if 3 guys can get an online mode working, I don't see why online seems to be so spastic with games these days.

    "I actually got the code from a giveaway on a livestream a while back."
    Free is always good, kind of like this other little game I won last year called Cogs, you might even know who I won it from.

    Like the comment above sort of, I hadn't heard of this game until I read the review here. I just checked out the trailer for it on Steam as well, and was surprised at how colorful the game was.

    1. *lol* It all comes back to Cogs. Sorta circular, like the gear shapes you use in the game. :) I have to admit that the more I've read up on these guys, the more impressed I am with the kind of game they were able to kick out.

  3. *chomps on cigar and gives stern stare* Welcome to the game, kid. You'll make friends, you'll lose friends. Love and loss are the names of our game down here. Nothing easy about the way we have to crawl through the depths of the belly of the underworld, seeking out new sprites and bits to appease the masses but this is what we do. Be afraid, kid. Be very afraid.

    All kidding aside, great first effort on your first gaming review. Don't know how old you are but when you're over 18, make sure and check mine out too! For a guy who has never even heard of this title, you told me everything I needed to know ahead of time if I wanted to check it out which is what it's all about so KUDOS.

    1. *lol* He's never allowed to become over 18. That would make me feel too old. Most he can hope for is perpetually 17. Sure, he'll never get to drink, but he won't get jury duty either. :P

  4. I tell my daughter she can't date until she's 30. She thinks I'm kidding haha. Stay young, young dude, being our age may come with perks like staying up as late as we want but it also means we feel horrible the next day for it. Not all rainbows and roses! =D (Pops, check your Xbox friends list!)