Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Game Review - Just Cause 2

Well, I'm way overdue for another game review, so I am here, to save the day!

This game I got 2 days ago, so I'm not gonna be able to give the best review on it.

So, Just Cause 2 is a great game so far, I like open world games, and this is one of the best open worlders I've played yet.  You can do missions, take down bases and communication towers, or just roam around and discover some of the easter eggs (island from "Lost" anybody?).

The missions are nice because you do stuff like guard an individual from harm's way while they hacka database, or you can do races with jets and the sort, going through rings to get to the end in the fastest time possible.  In the game you're sent out to kill an American who supposedly betrayed the agency he works for, thus making him an expensive hit. You are then supposed to work for the 3 main criminal factions on the island to find out where he is.

This game is pretty nice, you can get vehicles, which will be crucial in getting around the island.  The graphics are great, if your computer can handle them.  To unlock your missions, you need to cause enough chaos, which essentially is when you destroy anything, you cause chaos, at the random bases dotted around the island, you need to destroy their buildings to cause chaos and then after a while you get your next missions.

So all in all, I think this game is good if you like 3rd-person shooters or even if you're just a fan of free-roaming.

There's the review, now have a nice day!


  1. Two of the biggest things I noticed while watching you play:

    1) you seemed to enjoy going airborn every chance you got :P

    2) the game looks pretty good, but it definitely can be a resource hit.

    Considering he got it cheap (75% off over the weekend) it looks like a pretty solid investment so far.

    Question - is there any kind of online multiplayer? I know that's a mode you generally like in games like CoD, Battlefield and Dead Island

    1. Not an official multiplayer, but someone has made an actual mod that has actually shown up in the news for the game.

      it enables a multiplayer mode type thing, but it is pretty buggy from what I've heard :P

  2. So out of curiosity, as someone who hasn't played the game, I guess the things I am most curious about and hope you could answer:

    - What's the basic storyline/premise

    - What is your favorite thing to do in the game? Whether it's a specific activity (jumping off of motorcycles at high speeds), mini-game (like Blitzball in FF X), or part of the game (like a leveling system)

    - What's probably your least favorite thing? Music, graphics bugging out, something doesn't control the way you would want it to?


    1. The storyline is, as I said, you are sent out on a mission to kill an American who betrayed the agency he worked for, to find him you must work for the 3 criminal factions on the islands to get to him.

      My favorite thing to do is go around and cause chaos, destroying gas stations, giant buildings, and all around, just plain destroying.

      And the thing I dislike most about it is how with a lot of the vehicles, if you hit a wall even at a fairly low speed, there are a good number of times that it will just get obliterated.


    2. For the 'storyline' question, I guess I was just curious if you had gotten any further along on that front or not. Do you like the story so far, or is it pretty secondary to going around causing chaos?

      Also - I forgot to add, I like the icon you're using. Boo-ya. :)

  3. Excuse the tardiness!

    "So, Just Cause 2 is a great game so far, I like open world games, and this is one of the best open worlders I've played yet."
    I really enjoyed the original Mercenaries, not sure if you played it, but that was my first "open worlder" to complete. I always wanted to go back and beat it a 2nd time, but never did.

    I was interested in Mercs2, but didn't pick it, just briefly tried the demo for it.
    Anyway, do you know how closely Just Cause 2 follows the original game for story, and if perhaps the original should be played for the sake of the story? Or, would skipping it and jumping straight to JC2 not be a big issue?